Ray-On Music Library


Highly-curated one-stop music library 

Ray-On offers an exceptional and easy way to clear music in every style to cater to all your audiovisual needs. Each of our tracks is carefully handpicked by our experts for its quality and originality for optimum use in your project.

Our library is entirely one-stop and the majority of our tracks are pre-cleared that allows us to deliver instantly online to you high quality audio files with license and cue sheet info for all your audiovisual productions.

Explore our pre-approved catalogue.


Richly varied musical catalogue

We work with talented composers, indie artists and great labels, and pick out only the most special and interesting music for image.

Whether you need instrumental music or songs, for film, television, video games or other audiovisual use, we have a wide range of musical genres to suit all types of projects.

We’re here to help you find music that’s out of the ordinary.


Recommendation services

We've created collections by audiovisual uses to help you find the music you need. Check out our themed playlists, or call us for customized services.









Custom music for your project


Ray-On represents a roster of skilled composers who each have a wealth of experience creating original music for picture.

Our composers will work with your creative ideas to produce custom music tailored to your film, documentary, video, television show, short animations, trailer or ad.

Are you an independent producer? Call us and we will work with your budget to create score, theme or background music for you.

Ray-On offers exclusive licensing options, allowing you to create a unique identity for your project and stand out from the crowd.

Our composers have worked on major Hollywood feature films, top-selling video games, television series and advertisements, creating dynamic scores and sound design for a wide variety of international clients.

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For more info, contact us: ludivine@ray-on.ca ou (+1) 514 938-5590